BriteGearsLight Years in Lifestyle!

Company Introduction

BriteGears as a business are firmly at the cutting edge of the LED lighting industry. It took us a long time to achieve all the success that we have today. It was through hard work and dedication that set us apart from the rest of our competitors. We are unlike any business in our niche that is why we bring the best value to your business or company. All our customers are well looked after ensuring that we forge a good and lasting relationship for many years to come.

The founder of the company, who worked for a large scale LED lighting company where he was very experienced in multiple purchasing strategies of Tools/lighting category. As the years went by he wanted to expand his horizons and start his own company to uplift and give something back to the community and environment.

Our young team has always had a passion for delivering a good service to our customers and believes we are able to offer an accurate solution to quality LED lights.

LED lights are the future of lighting and certainly make the future look very bright. It has received much attention since low energy consumption rate plus they have an ultra-long lifespan, unlike its predecessor. The value that this will bring your business and daily life is incomprehensible. We took the plunge in this high-growth market and we bear the fruit of our labor.

We focus on various aspects of LED lighting namely the design process, developing, manufacturing, and trading. From the start to the finish we are involved in every aspect of our products that we deliver to you. We are a well-rounded company, and we are building for a better future and our mission statement is simple.

Your success that matters and we are not successful unless you ARE!

All of this did not happen overnight that is why we want to thank everyone that has supported us through this journey. With that being said we still have a long way to go to ensure that we are at the very forefront of our industry and we look forward to working with you in the future, building a sustainable and fruitful tomorrow.

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