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Automatic Soap Dispenser, Dual-sensor and Touchless BG-SB001

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Automatic Soap Dispenser BG-SB001 is an automatic sensor touchless liquid soap dispenser and it is also suitable for gel hand sanitizer. The design of the sensor soap dispenser follows the concept of energy-saving and environmental protection. It is powered by 4AAA batteries and can be used for up to 1 year without battery replacement.

This gel hand sanitizer dispenser is designed with 2 sensing heads on the top and bottom, which is convenient for users to extract soap or hand sanitizer from different directions, no dead ends (0.25s response time). The upgraded pump structure of soap dispenser provides better performance.

Never leak liquid. Different from the glue bonding process, the shell of the soap dispenser uses ultrasonic technology, which fundamentally eliminates the problem of liquid leakage during use.

  • 0.25s response time
  • 3rd-gen pump structure provides better performance
  • Powered by 4AAA
  • Never leak liquid due to ultrasonic technology
  • Up to 330ML capacity
Material: ABS and PE
Size: 12.3×8.5×20 cm
Weight: 224g
Volume: 330ml
Power Source: 4AAA
Package: Color Box
1. Please check the manual carefully when using the product for the first time.
2. Open the battery cover and insert 4AAA batteries.
3. Please put an appropriate amount (not more than 330ml) of soap or gel hand sanitizer.
4. Due to air inside the product, please work the product several times (about 3-4 times) to extract the liquid.

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