It’s a bad experience to grill or cook in the dark outdoors. Without a clear vision of your food could result in poorly made food as well as fire accidents. That’s why make grill light a must-have item for the outdoor barbecue party.

Cooking could be easier since BriteGears provides the kind of focused task lighting you want to measure cooking times with a LED grill light. In addition, we try to integrate more practical features (such as easy installation, fan, focusable beam and weather resistant) into our barbecue grill lights and make it qualified to illuminate the entire grilling environment meanwhile offer a cozy grilling experience so that you can handle complex tasks.

Some aspects are considered by us in order to provide appropriate BBQ light for people’s outdoor grilling activities:

  • Various power source: DC power if you have an electrical outlet near your grill or your easiest option is a battery-powered grill light.
  • High performance light source: LEDs (light emitting diodes) are energy efficient and have a very long life of tens of thousands of hours.
  • Flexible mounting options: people could either clamp the barbecue light on the grill or mount it on their grill surface by magnetic base. Grill lights could be used with flexible neck or rotatable head that bring more convenient for outdoor chef or griller.
  • Durable and style rich design: built for tough working environment, waterproof and dual use. Even better, most of our barbecue grill lights also could be an auxiliary light for your workshop.