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LED Grill Lights, Outdoor BBQ Lamp BG-G001

“Best for Summer Grilling!”

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BriteGears‘ LED grill lights with fans BG-G001 are coming to help people out from heat and smoke from outdoor grilling and brings a clear view of your delicacies in night time. This barbecue grill light adopts universal sturdy clamp-on and rotatable fan (up to 300 degrees) structure, even better the light head is adjustable.

Easy installation and versatile functions make our BG-G001 the best grill light as well long duration. Fans and light have separate on/off switches that allow you turn off the each part if you want and swivel independently for the ideal positioning. LEDs (Light-emitting diode) technology offers bright and energy-efficient illumination.

New LED Grill Light and Fans Available!
  • Rotatable head and light up to 300 degrees
  • 2 independently fans
  • 8AA
  • Sturdy clamp-on, tool-free installation

Material: ABS, rubber and metal
Size: 36.2 x 28.5 x 7 cm
Weight: 673g
Light Source: 4 ultra-bright LEDs (12 LEDs)
Power source: 8AA Dry Batteries

1. Turn on/off by switch of each part.
2. Rotate the light head/fan for perfect positioning.
3. Attach adjustable clamp-on to BBQ grill hoods.

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