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Workbench Light, LED BBQ Grill Lights BG-G006

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BriteGears‘ workbench light BG-G006 provides instant illumination without flickering. This work lamp adopts LED technology that owns a long lifespan and dual power system (DC or 2AA dry batteries). Telescoping light head makes beam of LED workbench light adjustable from wide to narrow, so it is suitable for a wide range of applications (LED BBQ grill lights for example). Long flexible neck that can be bent in any direction and stays still. Strong magnetic base allows application to most metal surface or clamp it on any place up to 2-1/2″ in thickness.

Upgraded version of workbench light BG-G006 (with magnifier) is the perfect choice for people who is a green hand on some projects that require small details (such as woodworking for beginners). The circle LED lights under magnifier offer completely uniform illumination ideal for work light operations.

  • High brightness up to 60 LM
  • 3x magnifying glass lens
  • Strong magnetic base
  • DC or 2AAA dry batteries

Material: ABS, PC lens and metal
Size: dia4x53 cm
Weight: 504g
Light Source:

  • BG-G006: 3W LED
  • BG-G006 (with magnifier): 8 SMD 2835

Brightness: 60 LM
Power source: DC or 2AA dry batteries

1. Use on/off switch to control the workbench light.
2. Attach the light on metal surface or use clamp mount it on any place up to 2-1/2″ in thickness.
3. Remove the batteries if use DC power.

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