Portable LED spotlights are a marvelous illumination tool when you need to throw a directional beam of brilliant light across a forest, down a tunnel or up the road. BriteGears always focus on designing and manufacturing our LED spotlights based on specific needs from users. We mainly adjust the following aspects of LED handheld spotlight so that it handles specific usage scenarios easily: beam brightness, beam distance, power source (dry battery powered or rechargeable spotlight) and few other considerations like weight, size etc.

Illuminate the way ahead with LED spotlights. We realize that users need a portable spotlight flashlight to get everything done smoothly on the camping, hunting or fishing trip day and night. Due to various benefits from portable LED spotlights: durable, easy to carry, bright and long-lasting light that covers a wide area. BriteGears’ outdoor LED spotlights offer many different modes of operation, such spotlight, lantern, SOS, flashing and more. So, you are able to enjoy multiple lighting options without having to bring various lights along on your trip.