BriteGears is committed to designing, manufacturing and improving LED headlamp and other hands-free illumination solution.

During the design of illumination tools, hands-free feature is the key point since people will get the opportunity to do many different things with minimum hassle if they can keep both their hands free. Due to the portability of LED lights, it has become possible for the people to integrate them directly into LED head torch. With years of LED lights development experience, BriteGears opened up product line of various LED headlamps as supplement of LED work lights and outdoor LED lights. Hence, there are a variety of benefits that users could get in the long run.

BriteGears has strong design and manufacturing capabilities that allow us to output a large volume of unique and incredible LED headlamps or fully customized LED headlamp and related accessories. We provide many types of LED headlamp: hunting headlamp (with UV light), camping headlamp (long battery life), tactical headlamp (high brightness and durable), running headlamp (or for hiking), fishing headlamp (waterproof) and work headlamp (rechargeable, with sensor switch).