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Camping Fan Light, LED Fan Lights BG-C004

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Camping fan light BG-C004 is the complete package for every camping lover – a fan, a light and a power bank, all of these put into a single product. This portable and compact multi-functional lamp is ideal for camping, fishing, hiking and similar outdoor activities.

BriteGears’ camping fan light is powered by Li-ion rechargeable battery (Dry battery powered LED camping fan light is launched!) and can run for a long duration: the LED light bulbs can run for 10 hours and fan will run for 30 hours if on low speed (12 hours if on high). There is an option for two different modes of lighting (bright white light and night light).

This LED fan lights are much favored by campers and hikers owing to its multi-functionality and can be used in tents for reading and can also be suspended from a hook, serving as a ceiling fan. If people is camping under the scorching sun then don’t bother about the sweltering heat as this rechargeable tent fan light, as the name suggests, will be there to keep you chilled and your tent illuminated.

An add-on is the feature of a power-bank. So if user’s phone beeps with the low-battery signal in the middle of a hiking trip, no worries as you can use this multi-functional camping lantern can be used to charge your phone.

  • Up to 100 LM high brightness
  • Ceiling fan function
  • The hanging hook for camping tent
  • USB charging port and power bank

Light source: 10 SMD LEDs
Material: ABS
Size: dia22x12 cm
Weight: 490g
Power source: 2xLi-ion 18650 rechargeable battery

1. Ceiling fan and tent light are controlled by each switch.
2. The rotatable hook is perfect for camping tent use.
3. USB charging port could be power bank output port.

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