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Rechargeable Lantern, Hiking Gear BG-C001

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BriteGears‘ rechargeable lantern BG-C001 would come to your survival when you are in need of a light source to be used at an emergency situation. It is a portable and a compact outdoor camping or hiking gear, but it has the ability to deliver a variety of benefits to user in the long run. People can use this rechargeable LED lantern whenever they need a source of light, but do not have access to an energy source.

Compact dimensions of this rechargeable LED lantern get users the opportunity to carry it wherever they go as well. Due to this reason, most of the individuals who go on camping/hiking prefer to take this LED rechargeable lantern with them. People can also at one of the ramped accessible places around your home and use whenever the power goes out. Therefore, they will be able to use this LED rechargeable lantern as a source of light for a long period of time as well It can quickly recharged whenever they gain access s to a source of electricity to avoid hassle.

  • Up to 250 LM high brightness (Powered by 3W COB LED)
  • Warning light with red flashing function
  • The hanging ring for camping tent
  • Micro USB port, charge it easily and quickly

Light source: 3W COB LEDs
Material: ABS, PC Lens
Size: dia8.5×16.5 cm
Weight: 255g
Power source: Li-ion 18650 rechargeable battery

1. Press the button to switch the light on (front/warning light).
2. The O ring is perfect for camping tent use.
3. Checking the voltage is not greater than 5V and the output is not greater than 1A when charge it.

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