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Remote Control Lantern, Detachable Camping Lights BG-C012

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Finding the best camping lantern on your next camping trip or during a power outage? The remote control lantern BG-C012 which is made by BriteGears will provide ample lighting when you need it the most.

This battery operated lanterns with compact dimensions get users the opportunity to carry it wherever they go as well and feature a convenient and versatile handle with durable hanging hook for camping tent use. There are 4 different modes (high, low, red, and red SOS blinking) controlled by switch button or portable remote controller, lantern with remote could offer user multiple benefits. Especially when users are in outdoor and camping lights cannot be reached. This battery operated lanterns integrate a cutting edge round COB LED with 360-degree illumination (3 watt and brightness up to 300 lumens). As a bonus it comes with metal flashlight that pops out from the top of detachable lantern.

  • Up to 300 LM high brightness
  • Versatile handle with hanging hook built-in
  • Cutting edge LED technology and detachable design
  • Portable remote controlled
  • 360-degree visibility

Light source: COB LED
Material: ABS, PC Lens and steel
Size: 21.5 x 11.4 x 10.4 cm
Weight: 492g
Power source: 3 x D and 5 x AAA dry batteries

1. 4 different modes (high, low, red, and red SOS blinking) could be controlled by single button or remote controller.
2. Detachable flashlight integrated on the top of the camping lantern.
3. Versatile handle with hanging hook built-in for camping tent use.

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