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Auto Detailing Lights, Color Match Flood Light BG-W072-CM

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Auto detailing lights BG-W072-CM is the perfect choice for operations involve auto polishing, painting, cleaning and color match as well. As a color match flood light, it is able to inspect large surfaces during auto inspection operations. At the same time, auto colour matching light fills the gap in this professional field of lighting for the car detailing and paint industry.

BG-W072-CM is equipped with high CRI 10W COB LED built-in and outputs 3 shifts (220/450/900 LM) flood uniform beam (95+ CRI, 6500K). Thanks to 2200 mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery and high efficient power management, the runtime of this car detailing lights max up to 13 hours (on low).

To cater to different professionals’ requirement, BriteGears developed 2 higher level version based on BG-W072-CM.

Auto detailing lights BG-W072-CM is extremely rugged and shockproof (IK07) to endure even heavy strokes and shocks since the body is made of die-cast aluminum. Meanwhile, it is dust and waterproof, IP65.

  • Up to 900 LM high brightness
  • Li-ion rechargeable battery (11.1 V, 2200 mAh)
  • Heavy duty
  • Battery/charging indicator
  • Uniform wide beam

Material: ABS+die-cast aluminum
Light Source: 10W COB LED
Brightness: 220/450/900 lumens
Power Source: Li-ion rechargeable battery 2200 mAh
AC/DC Charger: 120V-240V
Package: Color Box

1. Auto detailing lights is controlled by the single switch.
2. The rotatable handle could be used for handheld/bracket and tripod.
3. Do not look directly at the light as permanent eye damage could result.

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