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Inspection Light, Retractable LED Work Light BG-W010

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BriteGears actively explores new available technologies and try to use them on our LED work light. LED inspection light BG-W010 is a living example, if you have been scouting for the best handy inspection lights with the latest features and technologies that you can carry with yourself wherever the need be and for whatever purposes it might be then your search ends right here with our state of the art work light with rotatable magnetic base which provides the perfect ease of use, the hanging hook makes it ideal for situations where the luxury of a spare hand is not always available. This LED inspection light even comes with a telescoping magnet and people could easily get their way with small metallic objects like screws and bolts by using retractable magnet picker of this worklight.

The magnetic base of this retractable LED work light could be rotated with utmost ease ensuring that its utility is not hampered in any way whatsoever and it can easily perform as a handy inspection lamp. This magnetic LED flashlight with telescoping magnet facilitates performing everyday tasks by letting you pick small metal parts easily and with perfect effectiveness. Go ahead take it out for inspections where a small light may be needed or for those small tasks at home, whatever your need may be our handy retractable work light is sure to prove itself as your perfect companion.

  • Up to 170 LM high brightness (front light)
  • 3AAA dry batteries
  • Telescoping magnetic pick-up tool

Material: ABS, PC Lens
Size: 21×4.6×3.4 cm
Weight: 101g
Light Source: Single COB LED (front) and 2 SMD LED (top)
Brightness: 170 lumens
Power source: 3AAA Dry Batteries

1. Front and top light could be turn On/Off by single switch.
2. Rotatable magnetic base could be rotatable up to 90 degrees.
3. Built-in telescoping magnetic pick-up tool for picking small metal parts like screws, nuts.

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