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Portable LED Work Lights, Flood Light BG-W009

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BriteGears provides portable LED work lights BG-W009 with single powerful COB LED and it is powered by 4AA dry batteries. If you are looking for a handy and durable LED work light, then our portable LED work lights can’t simply put be equal by any other worklights in the market. This durable LED work light serves multiple purposes and can metamorphose into a handheld or stand light with equal ease thanks to its rotatable handle. It adopts wide beam technology and is one of the most powerful portable outdoor flood lights of its class (dry battery powered) producing a considerable 400 lumens of bright light.

Built keeping in mind the varying uses of work lights, the portable LED work lamp stands out by virtue of its sturdy and easy to use design that makes it ideal in all sorts of situations (portable construction lights for example). Its use is further increased by its hybrid handle with the aid of which it can do double duty both as a handheld light as well as a stand light. With the latest styling and design, it sure as well is one of the smartest looking LED flooding lights solutions out there in the market. It is really simple to use and our durable LED work light has won praises time and again even from the most discerning and demanding of users in the market.

  • Up to 400 LM high brightness
  • 4AA dry batteries
  • Rotatable handle for multiple purpose

Material: Nylon/TPR, PC Lens
Size: 17.2 x 12.8 x 4.6 cm
Weight: 410g
Light Source: Single COB LED
Brightness: 400 lumens
Power source: 4AA Dry Battery

1. Light could be turn On/Off by single switch.
2. Rotatable handle for handheld or stand light.
3. Do not look directly at the light as permanent eye damage could result.

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