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Rechargeable LED Work Light, Mechanic Light BG-W003

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BriteGears‘ rechargeable LED work light BG-W003 promises to be the perfect solution to user’s pain point of lighting up dark and difficult stretches with a reliability that can seldom be equaled. It is the perfect illumination tool for lighting even the most complex of work environments and has the potential to be a worthy ally as you navigate the waters of your work life or that of your employees. (Battery Powered LED Work Light BG-W003 Available!)

Our bendable magnetic rechargeable LED work light can rotate up to 100 degrees on either side with ease and panache. To add to its great utility is the fact that the light has a swiveling hook that too can be rotated around its axis fully i.e. in a 360 degree angle. This translates to workers or mechanics being able to use the illumination provided by the light without the intervention of any hands.

It is truly a best in its class rechargeable LED work lamp and can prove its use on the worksite (mechanic shop for example) or anywhere else its help might be needed. The bottom of this mechanic light also is magnetic which makes it easy for you to mount it on any work surface that is made of metal. The output of the light is considerable and can easily help people on their job site.

  • Up to 240 LM high brightness (front light)
  • Swivel light body with 100 degree rotation
  • The hanging hook for hands free use
  • Magnetic base adheres to most metal surfaces, leaving hands free for work

Material: ABS, PC Lens
Size: dia8x35 cm
Weight: 265g
Light Source: 3W LED (top, output up to 85 LM)
Power Source: 3AA Ni-MH 800 mAh
Light Body: bend front/back 100°
Accessories: AC/DC adopter, USD charging cable

  • SMD LED Flex Work Light BG-W003-SMD

    30 SMD LED bulb on side produces 240 Lumens

  • COB LED Flex Work Light BG-W003-COB

    3W COB LED bulb on side produces 200 Lumens

1. Front and top light could be controlled by double switch (one for each).
2. Bendable structure. Rotate the body of work light to adjust the illumination range of light.
3. Use the 360 degrees swivel hook and magnetic base to set your hands free for work.
4. Charging and fully charged indicator (Red/Green)

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