Light Brands: The Complete Lighting Companies List (2019 Update)

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Light Brands: The Complete Lighting Companies List (2019 Update)

United States of America

Alliance Consumer Group

NEBO LOGO - Light Brands - BriteGears
Light Brands:

  • NEBO

  • “NEBO is a brand of Alliance Consumer Group (also known as Alliance Sports Group, L.P.), a multi-national manufactured goods company with offices and distribution centers in Texas, the UK and China.”

    NEBO’s items could be purchased from retailers or small countryside stores. The company mainly provides LED flashlight, LED work light, LED headlamp, lanterns and more. And NEBO style flashlight and pen light are very popular in the market since 2017.
    NEBO Tango Work Light - BriteGearsNEBO TAC SLYDE Work Flashlight - BriteGearsNEBO Big Larry 2 Work Light - BriteGearsNEBO DUO Headlamp - BriteGears

1. NEBO – About Us

Allied International

Allied International LOGO - BriteGears
Light Brands:


  • “Allied International was founded in 1962 as an import distributor of hardware products. Over the years, with our unwavering commitment to innovation, quality, value and service, we have earned the reputation as the recognized market leader in our core categories of hand tools and cargo management products. Today, Allied International, a privately held company, continues its drive to establish itself as a preeminent global innovator, manufacturer and marketer of quality products.”

    Allied International carries few ranges of LED light such as LED work light, flashlight, lantern and more under brand “ELEMENT”. And the company has purchasing office in Taiwan and staff in China mainland.

1. Allied International – About Us
2. Lighting

Astro Pneumatic Tool Co.

Astro Pneumatic Tool LOGO - BriteGears
Light Brands:


  • “With over 40 years of importing product into the U.S. Automotive Aftermarket, Astro Pneumatic Tool Co. offers several product categories for one-stop shopping. Our products under our own brand name “ASTRO” include the popular tool and equipment classics, as well as innovative new items.

    Our country-wide network of National Account Distributors which include Snap-On, Mac Tools, Matco Tool and Cornwell Tools, as well as Automotive Wholesalers, provide our vendors with the sales/marketing expertise to reach both the shop owners and professional technicians in our marketplace.”

    ASTRO mainly provides automotive aftermarket industry related lighting product such as LED inspection work light, color match work light, LED flashlight and more. The company size is small about 18 staffs and most of their suppliers are located in Zhejiang Province, China on lighting section (hand tools from Shandong Province, China).
    35SLB Easy Change LED Inspection Flashlight - BriteGears50SL 400 Lumen Rechargeable Color Match Light - BriteGears40HL Rechargeable Handheld Light - BriteGears40SLMax 450 Lumen Rechargeable LED Slim Light - BriteGears

1. Astro Pneumatic Tool Co. – About Us

Bayco Products Inc.

Bayco Products BAYCO LOGO - BriteGearsBayco Products NightStick LOGO - BriteGears
Light Brands:


  • “For over 30 years, Bayco Products’ vast array of portable & corded lighting products, have been the preferred choice of professionals and discriminating consumers. The Nightstick and Bayco brands are recognized world-wide as high-performance, high-quality, high-value lighting solutions across virtually every industry.

    Headquartered in North Texas, Bayco Products’ 110,000 square foot facility is the international headquarters for R&D, engineering, marketing, sales and distribution. Bayco Products has dedicated ISO 9001 Certified factories both in the US and abroad.”


  • “Nightstick (Performance, Quality and Value), designed and manufactured by Bayco Products, Inc., is a global brand of professional lighting products including flashlights, headlamps and Intrinsically Safe lighting solutions that exceed the industry standards in performance, quality, user-safety and value.”

    Bayco’s products could be purchased in big retailers such as The Home Depot. And their suppliers of lighting products are located in Guangdong and Zhejiang Province, China. The company has a small office (about 3-4 staffs, home based) in China which is in charge of sourcing, factory audit Information from Linkedin post page and HQ is take care of order placing, payment.

1. Bayco Products Inc. – About Us

Dorcy International

Dorcy International DieHard LOGO - BriteGearsDorcy International LifeGear LOGO - BriteGears
Light Brands:

  • DieHard

  • DieHard (LIFE DEMANDS DIEHARD) is a Dorcy’s brand which is involved in LED flashlight, work light, headlamp, batteries.

  • Life+Gear

  • “Life+Gear is dedicated to working hands-on at every level to develop and promote innovative everyday products engineered with life saving capabilities. Life+Gear invents, manufactures, and markets every-day-use products that also have life saving potential. This unique approach has resulted in a broad appeal for the product line in virtually all classes of retail trade.”

    Life+Gear has been acquired by Dorcy International in 2017.

1. Dorcy International – About Us
2. DieHard
3. Life+Gear
4. Dorcy acquires Life+Gear

ePower 360

ePower 360 LOGO - BriteGears
Light Brands:

  • ePower 360

  • “ePower 360 is backed by several decades of professional experience in the technology industry and designs/develops a variety of high quality multi-functional rechargeable power generators, multi-purpose power sources, vehicle battery power boost assist systems (Jump starters), pure and modified sine wave power inverters, and high power LED spotlights/work lights.”

    ePower 360 is located in FL and most of their suppliers are from Zhejiang Province, China.

1. ePower 360 – About Us

Promier Products

Promier Products LitezAll LOGO - BriteGearsPromier Products Kodiak LOGO - BriteGearsPromier Products HanzFree LOGO - BriteGears
Light Brands:

  • LitezAll

  • LitezAll is a replacement brand of former Promier Products’ brand “Promier”. It covers LED work light, flashlight, headlamp, pen light, light switch and more.

  • Kodiak

  • Kodiak is a Promier Products’ brand with radical style. Such as Kodiak Kuadrant 2000 Lumen COB LED Lantern which is also sold on line with 33% off at Lancaster Archery Supply.

  • HanzFree

  • HanzFree is a Promier Products’ brand which is involved in LED headlamp.

    Promier Products’ items could be purchased from retailers (such as Menards, Fry’s) or small countryside store. Most suppliers of lighting products are located in Zhejiang Province, China. Meanwhile, the company also has other projects like Accubow (training bow) and lighting products are supplied to the hunting field (Lancaster Archery Supply for example).

1. Promier Products – About Us
2. LitezAll – About Us
3. Kodiak
4. HanzFree

Simple Products Corp

Simple Products Corp LuxPro Flashlight LOGO - BriteGears
Light Brands:

  • LUX-PRO Flashlights

  • “At LUX-PRO Flashlights we strive to provide innovative and affordable lights for all your adventures. Located in the heart of Utah our team understands the importance of getting outside and experiencing life in the elements. We encourage and promote a lifestyle that takes you outdoors to enjoy the wonder and awe this planet has to offer. Our goal is to provide a light source that is innovative, reliable and durable so you can rest easy while playing outside.”

    As a LED lighting brand of Simple Products Corp, LUX-PRO Flashlights’ range covers LED work light, flashlight, lanterns, spotlight, headlamps and more.

1. LUX-PRO Flashlights – About Us

Ullman Devices

Ullman Device LOGO - BriteGears
Light Brands:

  • Ullman

  • “Ullman Devices has always been headquartered in the US and produced a variety of specialty tools that have been a staple in toolboxes across the nation.”

    Ullman Devices’ products range covers inspection mirrors, hooks & picks, pick-up tools and work light. And it was acquired by Saunders Midwest in 2017.

    LED Rotating Magnetic Work Ullman Devices - BriteGears
    LED rotating magnetic work light is one of a most important item among Ullman’s lighting products. It gives a lot of benefits during auto repair or DIY activities. Meanwhile, there are some other derivative products which are based on it such as flexible 3 SMD LED magnetic work light and adjustable clamp work light.

    Similar Items in The Market

    Rechargeable Rotating Magnetic Work Light Matco - BriteGears
    Matco Tools MWL750
    Brightness: 750 LM
    Power Source: Li-ion battery
    LED Rotating Magnetic Work Harbor Freight - BriteGears
    Harbor Freight 63422
    Brightness: 200 LM
    Power Source: 3AA dry batteries

1. Ullman Devices – About Us

Voltec Power & Lighting

Voltec Power Lighting LOGO - BriteGears
Light Brands:

  • Voltec Power & Lighting

  • Voltec Power & Lighting is a provider of electrical products such as extension cords, lighting products, power supply cords, retractable cord reels, booster cables and more.

1. Voltec Power & Lighting – Products

WAGAN Corporation

WAGAN Tech LOGO - BriteGears
Light Brands:

  • WAGAN Tech

  • “Starting life in 1975 as “Honor Trading”, WAGAN Corporation is able to use economies of scale to offer consistently reasonable prices to develop long term relationship with retailers. As a global supplier of automotive accessory products, quality and customer satisfaction are always our top priorities.”

    Wagan Tech mainly offers mobile electronics, camping lights, spotlight, LED road flares, power supply, solar products and more.

1. WAGAN Corporation – About Us

World and Main, LLC

World and Main Bright-Way LOGO - BriteGears
Light Brands:

  • Bright-Way

  • “Bright-Way® electrical supplies is a leading provider of switches, sockets, switch plates, wall taps and extension cords. Every Bright-Way® item carries industry certification like UL and ETL. This ever expanding line of products features new indoor/outdoor multi-plug adaptors with timers that are perfect the holiday season. For appliances, Bright-Way® also has dryer cords and range cords with pig tails that attach directly into any appliance.”

1. Bright-Way


Alltemp Products, a DiversiTech Company

Cliplight LOGO - BriteGears
Light Brands:

  • Cliplight

  • “Cliplight is an internationally respected developer of quality lighting, sealants, and air purification products for the automotive industry.

    In 2016, Cliplight was purchased and incorporated into Alltemp, a DiversiTech Company. Cliplight now operates as a division of Alltemp Products out of their Pickering, Canada location.”

1. Cliplight – About Us

Primeline Tools Inc.

Primeline PrimeLite LOGO - BriteGears
Light Brands:

  • Prime-Lite

  • “Since 1982, Primeline Tools Inc. has been providing skilled professionals with the best equipment for their projects. Our dedication to maintaining these values has elevated our Primegrip and Prime-Lite brand of products from humble beginnings to the forefront of the industry.”

    Prime-Lite items could be found at hardware and auto parts stores (NAPA store for example). And the company will normally participate in the exhibition like AAPEX.

1. Primeline Tools Inc. – About Us


HyCell GmbH

Ansmann LOGO - BriteGearsHyCell LOGO - BriteGears
Light Brands:

  • HyCell

  • HyCell is a company brand of HyCell GmbH (owned by ANSMANN AG.) which is mainly involved in household application products such as rechargeable batteries, chargers, LED lights (LED work light, flashlight, lanterns…). ANSMANN AG. is a worldwide company and located in Industriestr. 10 DE – 97959 Assamstadt – Germany and has office in USA attend the exhibition like NHS (National Hardware Show).

1. HyCell – Home Us
2. ANSMANN AG. – About Us
3. ANSMANN USA – Events

kwb Germany GmbH

kwb LOGO - BriteGears
Light Brands:

  • kwb Germany

  • “kwb is a subsidiary of Einhell Germany AG. We offer DIY enthusiasts and professionals a complete range of universal power tool accessories and hand tools.

    With kwb Germany, you always have the right tool to hand: from our “Quality” range of products for DIYers to “High-Quality” products for ambitious hobby craftworkers, all the way up to our “Professional” range, you can find the universal tools and accessories you need at kwb Germany.”

    kwb Germany mainly offers power tools, hand tools and lighting products such as COB LED work light, LED flashlight, LED lantern and headlamp. Most of their orders are placed to trading companies which are located in Ningbo and factories are from Zhejiang Provice.

1. kwb Germany GmbH – About Us
2. COB / LED lights


Scangrip A/S

Scangrip LOGO - BriteGears
Light Brands:


  • SCANGRIP is an Europe’s supplier of work lights work lights for professionals which provides the large range of work lights which incorporate the latest LED lighting technology available on the market.

    Scangrip joint venture runs a manufacturing company in China – ALS (AEC Lighting Solutions Co., Ltd) Information from ALS about page. Scangrip A/S mainly offers specialized LED work lights: color match work light, headlamp, flood light and more and participates in the exhibitions such as Frankfurt Hardware Show and AAPEX.

1. Scangrip A/S – About Us
2. Homepage


Lena Lighting S.A.

Lenalighting LOGO - BriteGears
Light Brands:

  • Lena Lighting

  • “Lena Lighting SA is a leading Polish manufacturer of high quality lighting fixtures, listed since 2005 on the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange in Warsaw, Poland.
    We design, develop and manufacture professional lighting solutions. Our products are present on both the domestic and foreign markets. We are a leading Polish exporter in lighting industry, present at ca. 70 markets worldwide. Since 28 years, we respond to the needs of our demanding customers at home and abroad with unflagging passion and commitment. We provide technologically advanced solutions in the field of Architectural Lighting and Workplace Lighting systems. Our Workplace Lighting systems are especially appreciated in Western Europe and Scandinavia, where they are considered professional and high-quality products.”

1. Lena Lighting S.A. – About Us
2. Product Page


Biltema Sweden AB

Biltema LOGO - BriteGears
Light Brands:

  • Biltema

  • “Biltema is a retail chain that was founded in Sweden in 1963 by Sten Åke Lindholm. At the start the product range was limited to car parts, but as the company grew so did the range. Today Biltema is a well-stocked hardware store with products for most aspects of daily life.

    We have more than 100 stores in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. Our service office and logistics centre are located on the Swedish west coast in the cities of Helsingborg and Halmstad.”

    Biltema’s light products cover LED work light, pen light and auto lights. And the company has wholly-owned subsidiary company in Shanghai.

1. Biltema Sweden AB – About Us

Clas Ohlson

Clas Ohlson LOGO - BriteGears
Light Brands:

  • Clas Ohlson

  • “Clas Ohlson is a Swedish hardware store chain and mail-order firm that specialises in hardware, home, leisure, electrical and multimedia products. It is one of the biggest of its type in Scandinavia, with more than 200 Clas Ohlson stores as of October 2013. Stores also exist in Norway, Finland, the United Kingdom, Germany and Dubai. Many of the products sold in the stores are own-label items. The company uses the house brands of Asaklitt (luggage and travelware), Capere (bathroom supplies), Cocraft (DIY tools), Cotech (electrical tools), Coline (household electrical items), Exibel (household electrical items) and Northlight (lighting).”

    There are very few lighting items in their stores (most of them are for household application). And the company has wholly-owned subsidiary company in Shanghai.

1. Clas Ohlson – Wikipedia

United Kingdom

Northern Wholesale Tools Ltd

Bluespot LOGO - BriteGearsElectralight LOGO - BriteGears
Light Brands:

  • BlueSpot

  • “We have a 37 year history of supplying hand tools to over 1000 traders throughout the UK. Since its conception by Chairman Mike Coward, the BlueSpot brand has grown to provide an extensive range of products. Using his philosophy of “don’t just follow – lead the way”, Mike has made certain that the company has a growing range of innovative products and access to worldwide sourcing. This ensures that you can rely on us to meet your needs – whether you be an independent store or a multi-national retailer. Despite some challenging economic conditions in the past few years, BlueSpot Tools has continued to flourish, and produces tools for the DIY, Automotive, Lighting, Home, Garden and Household sectors. Today, our internal and external sales teams will provide you with the best deals, new products and sales advice, and market information to help your business grow – whether you are ordering our brands face to face, online or by phone.”

  • Electralight

  • Electralight is the brand of Northern Wholesale Tools Ltd for LED work lights, LED flashlight, motion sensor light and more.

1. BlueSpot Tools – About Us
2. Electralight

Dormole Limited

Faithfull Tools LOGO - BriteGearsLighthouse Torches LOGO - BriteGears
Light Brands:

  • Toobank

  • “Toolbank, as a part of the Dormole group of companies, is a privately owned and run business with an ongoing commitment to provide a first class, efficient and friendly service for our customers and suppliers as well as providing a rewarding, secure and enjoyable working environment for all of our team.”

  • Faithfull Tools

  • “Faithfull” and “Faithfull Tools” are trading names used by Dormole Limited which is a company registered in England and Wales with incorporation number 1156193 and whose registered office is at Long Reach, Galleon Boulevard, Crossways Business Park, Dartford, Kent DA2 6QE”

  • Lighthouse Torches

  • Lighthouse Torches is a brand which mainly offers LED torch, headlamp, work light and batteries.

1. Toolbank – About Us
2. Lighthouse Torches
3. Faithfull Tools