BriteGears brings many different technologically advanced lights (motion sensor light for example) which are available out there for end-user to make their household life cozy and safe.

We design and manufacture motion sensor lights for multi-purpose: auxiliary lighting and solar security light.

  • Auxiliary lighting lights such as outdoor motion sensor light, motion sensor flood lights, led puck lights and more. Most of these lights with motion detector built-in which would cover the range of 90-120 degrees, 2-5 meters and they are essential to every home or office and effectively light up stairways, hallways, bathrooms and bedrooms, automatically on when people approaching and off when leaving.
  • Outdoor solar security light provides reliable, bright light for home security and safety. Motion sensing light could stops a trespasser in his or her tracks rapidly. If someone is tip-toeing around your house, the motion sensor light will detect movement and shine spotlight and floodlight to alert house owner the presence of unwelcome people and scare them away. House owners could install the weatherproof motion sensor spotlight or floodlight anywhere in minutes, including doorways, garages, trees and fences to help thwart a break-in.