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Solar Security Light, Outdoor Motion Sensor Light BG-M007

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Illuminate the areas around your property at night with this LED solar security light BG-M007 and ward off potential intruders and light up poor light areas such as driveways, gardens, patios and paths with this tool-free installation outdoor motion sensor light.

Outdoor solar security lights with smart CCTV style design for both practical and stylish. This LED security light contains rotary joints and wall bracket that allow user to install whatever position they like and switch the button to on, the solar panel will make full use of the energy from the sun in the day and recharge the rechargeable polymer battery (with 1800mAh) ready for it to be used at night.

This wireless motion sensor light automatically detects when it is nightfall and activate itself, turning motion sensor mode off when dawn. No complex timers or external electricity supplies and completely waterproof. It adopts PIR technology, LED security light will be activated as soon as movement is detected and will remain on for 30 seconds until motion stops.

  • High brightness up to 150 lumens
  • Motion detection
  • Detection range: 120 degree, 4 m
  • Rechargeable polymer battery 1800mAh
  • Dual-swiveling structure for better light direction
  • Tool free installation

Material: ABS
Size: 15.5 x 9 x 17.5cm
Weight: 206g
Light Source: 3W Super Bright LED
Brightness: 150 LM
Mode: On/Off
Power Source: Rechargeable polymer battery 1800mAh

1. Install the LED solar security light on suitable position (wall, tree for example).
2. Turn on the sensor mode of LED security light.
3. Turn off security light to save battery life for a long time without using the product.

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