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Toilet Light, LED Bowl Night Light BG-M003

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Tired of stumbling around in the dark and cannot find your way? BriteGears’ toilet light BG-M003 just illuminate the right amount of light at night to keep you from stumbling in the way or messing everything up! This LED toilet light adopts motion sensor technology (warm white light glows outside of bowl in the dark and auto on/off). This feature is perfect for elderly people who feels hard to go back to sleep in the midnight when coming back from toilet.

We found a way to encourage kids to go bathroom all by themselves without turning on light as the blinding light hurts their eyes. The colorful toilet bowl night light also add lots of fun on potty training for your kids!

The LED toilet light is designed to fit any toilet bowl with flexible arm that will take the shape of any type toilet and will stay in place.

  • High brightness up to 20 LM
  • Motion detection
  • Detection range: 90 degree, 3-5 m
  • 3AAA
  • Flexible arm fits any toilet bowl
  • Tool free installation

Material: ABS
Size: 8 x 6 x 2.5cm
Weight: 46g
Light Source: single LED (7 Colors) and SMD LED (front)
Brightness: 20 LM
Mode: 7 color – front light – sensor mode
Power Source: 3AAA Dry batteries

1. Install the LED toilet light on suitable position of bowl.
2. Set up the product: 7 color- front light – sensor mode.
3. Remove the battery for a long time without using the product.

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